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Kaylee Bear is a giant gummy bear and a person. She lives inside of her apartment in Chicago, and wears a gummy bear shaped suit when she goes out.

Kaylee is often found hibernating in her room, but sometimes she goes out to buy herself some vegan groceries and she likes to occasionally cannibalize some gummy bears from time to time.

She is usually reserved, but she isn't afraid to let it all out from time to time. This is her website, where you can find anything Kaylee- from her blogs, her podcast, and even her specialty Kaylee Bear themed merchandise!


This is Kaylee Bear's blog, where Kaylee posts all her major updates about her life that you need to know about once it gets posted.

It's more important than her Twitter, which is only a very mild form of her true blogging material. True Kaylee fans need to know everything about her life, and this is where all of it gets posted... All of it!

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Kaylee's Adventures

Kaylee Bear's podcast, about her life as a living gummy bear comedian.

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